3 Newer Ways to Look for a Home

About the Author: James Lopez is a contributor for AZEF.org, an Arizona-based real estate firm. They have listings of Chandler Houses for sale, as well as Scottsdale Residences. Learn more by visiting their website. 

Looking for a new home can be stressful and exciting, all at the same time. In the old days, people generally were restricted to the one way of checking out different properties— finding out about it and showing up to look at them.

Well, that strategy is still generally true, but these days the modern age has changed the ways that people shop for homes. Check out these three new ways that you can look for a home that weren’t around twenty years ago!

1.) Using Apps — There are tons of great apps out there for prospective home buyers to take advantage of! One good thing about using apps is that they are so convenient. You can easily download them onto your smart phone and start searching for homes wherever you are! There is such a variety of apps that allow you to search for houses out there. So, what are some of the best apps you should check out?

Realtor.com app – Realtor.com‘s app offers real estate listings that are up to date, photos, information about open houses, property details, and pricing. It’s also a free app, so it’s definitely got that as a perk.

House Hunter app – House Hunter not only has an incredibly detailed list of features about the homes they show, they also provide a scoring method so you can pick out your favorite houses. Score features, check them off, and they app will create a score for the home. The app does cost $3.99, but House Hunter is well worth the four bucks.

2.) Going Onto Websites — Sites like Zillow have endless showings and listings for you to peruse. No longer do you have to put on a nice outfit and trek out to open houses and showings just to see what a house looks like! Zillow has photos of the home you are considering buying available so you can see what your new house would like without ever leaving your current abode! Zillow is an easy way to quickly get an idea of what’s on the market near you. Alternatively, it is great for when you’re house hunting for out of town or state. Why drive all the way there when you can view options from the comfort of your apartment or house?

Zillow is fast and it’s free, providing users with a web portal through which to search for real estate. Get addresses, multiple photos, prices, and details about the property, including when it was built and what it has for bedrooms, bathrooms, back yard, front yard, close to, et cetera. Zillow makes looking at hundreds of properties incredibly simple, fast, and even enjoyable.

3.) Buying A Drone — Maybe not the most practical way to find a new home, but certainly the most fun. The rise of controlled drones that can fly and record (and transmit) what they are seeing to a video feed is definitely a cool way to find out about houses for sale in your area.

Fly it around and check out if there are ‘for sale’ signs on the yard. Then follow up by calling the number and finding out the details. This is definitely a great approach for tech heads or guys who aren’t particularly “into” the home shopping process.